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[HnK] vs Kracko :iconk-amb:K-AMB 27 3 [APCP/KnR] A Miitan passing by :iconk-amb:K-AMB 2 0 [ITD] A vision from the Deep World :iconk-amb:K-AMB 5 0 [KnR/APCP] Kimo-Dari v6 :iconk-amb:K-AMB 2 1 [Katanagatari/HnK] Emonzaemon and Kirby v2! :iconk-amb:K-AMB 12 0 [KnR/APCP] Versus Deleir :iconk-amb:K-AMB 1 0 [APCP/KnR] APCP Tower v2! :iconk-amb:K-AMB 4 1 [Katanagatari] 12th Katana, Ento Juu :iconk-amb:K-AMB 1 0 [ITD/APCP] Random Crayon Stuff: Original Miixyn :iconk-amb:K-AMB 0 0 [Katanagatari] Hitei and Emonzaemon draft :iconk-amb:K-AMB 4 4 [ITD/APCP] Entrance to the Deep World :iconk-amb:K-AMB 6 0 [Katanagatari] Ninpo Tsume Awase :iconk-amb:K-AMB 3 0 [HnK] Surrounded by Access Ark :iconk-amb:K-AMB 63 16 [KnR/APCP] Empress Kimo-Dari last version! :iconk-amb:K-AMB 7 3 [Spy's OC] The Pianist :iconk-amb:K-AMB 2 0 [IE] New crackshipping unlocked: Yuudou :iconk-amb:K-AMB 7 19



Digital art drawing COLOURED - Characters + background
Up to 5 characters, please tell me as many details as you want (about characters, background, etc.)
Digital art NOT COLOURED
As well gray scales as simple line works. Can be as well characters (up to 5) and backgrounds.
Digital art drawing - Cellshading (chara+background)
Using this cellshading style.
Background sketch
Either digital or traditionnal (scanned, and yes I do have a scanner, I just don't use it often... No way to mail it, btw :/)
Digital art drawing - Characters NO BACKGROUND
Up to 5 characters, no detailed background. You can ask for a transparent png file.
Pencil sketch (scanned) - CHARACTERS + background
Up to 5 characters


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Send me a NOTE if you're interested, we can discuss details and if what you want is doable.
Please precise image size for digital arts. I can provide .psd, .png or any format.

I ALSO DO ART TRADES (please send me a NOTE about them too!)

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Kazeinajiaby I. AMB
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I apparently have no freaking drawing style but maybe one day I should be able to draw the same thing twice.
(Draws when bored, or lazy, or anytime.)

BTW, you might have noticed I don't answer all my comments. Actually, I only reply to questions and suggestions.
Also, I only fav/watch if I want to support someone's art ; but you don't need to thank me in my profile. That's VERY appreciated but I don't want to spam with "thank you" messages... So don't expect me to post something in your profile either, unless I have a question and/or suggestions to make.

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[HnK] vs Kracko
I don't own Kirby or its characters, I just made that random fanart

Aaaaand I need to practise more on India ink. But I'm proud of what I've done 8D

I wanted to draw a random Kirby boss so I asked my friends and they suggested Kracko first so I drew it. It took me a whole afternoon XD

I also felt it'd be more epic if the plaforms were broken,

Tell me what do you think-
[APCP/KnR] A Miitan passing by

Btw I wanted that effect to be done in ink too but I feared we wouldn't clearly see it.

More seriously, it's been a HUGE WHILE since I've drawn with India ink. I didn't have any good paper for that (90g sketch paper, quite thin) but it didn't screw up too much.
There are mistakes here and here in the process but the overall still looks good.

(A v2 might be necessary when I'll get more used to this XD)

On a computer it'd have been WAY easier but who doesn't like challenges? 8DD

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy it anyway~
[ITD] A vision from the Deep World
I was inspired today XD it's not very detailed but I like how it looks on the overall.

The Deep World is a dimension made of half-dead Miitans, it has multiple floors, and as the name suggests, you can only go down. The deeper you get, the more the environement looks like the insides of a living body. And this drawing is halfway through. It's a part of a "wall" (the floors resemble rooms but you can't really see its limits. It's like walking to an object without being able to touch it, therefore its shape is always the same whatever how far you moved). And the Miixyns are the "inhabitants" of the Deep World, somehow. I don't remind posting any of them on dA but I plan of representing them all on the same picture.

The whole Deep World and its Miixyns are inspired from my childhood nightmares btw. I just made them look a little more... artistic XD

Feel free to ask me here if you want more details about it. ^^
[KnR/APCP] Kimo-Dari v6
(Yeah I know, I made another version of her but I never said I was fully satisfied of the previous ones XD)

Technically I'll keep this one, but we can never be so sure, (don't get angry WaddleBih---- X'D)

For the ones who don't know, Kimo-Dari (nicknamed "Kimi") is one of my OCs, the Empress of the Reflect World (a fanworld in the Kirby universe).
She's a mirror type who can't fight but has huge magical powers. She's interested in politics and in her people who are her priority. Though the Empress doesn't have much constitutionnal power, she's still very influential in the Parliament and seats in every session. She's also a very bright diplomat. But I can't really consider her a very gentle person, even if the Reflect World inhabitants love her as their leading figure... Kimi's got some sort of a dark side: she raises Miitans, cute-looking mirror creatures which are supposed to grow as Mirror-Spirit and feed on vital energy (~blood), but many "fail" in growing so Kimi kills them, and in a very atrocious fashion (mutilation, for short).
In general, she's quite apathetic (she cares for her people and only them; or the ones she considers as such anyway), and especially she suffers from the past psychological violence her father (Kjui-ru, now deceased from underteminded circumstances) inflicted her during her teenage years... which is why I don't make her smile often. She's also sterile and doesn't like the company of young children and pregnant for this very purpose.
But she loves hugs, strangely enough. XD

And about the drawing itself, I was testing Krita and it turned out I really love that software, really! (especially that sketchy brush I used for the line) That makes my 2nd reason (the first being OSU) to use my Wacom X'D I usually draw with my Note 8 btw-

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy it~
[Katanagatari/HnK] Emonzaemon and Kirby v2!

but I put too much effort into it not to publish it X'D Seriously I started drawing this at like 4:30pm and just finished right now (it's about 10:10pm as I'm writing that description) -- I've never spent so much time for a COLOURED drawing ever---
AND I REALLY COLOURED IT, with the shadows and stuff! It's been a while X'D

(It's a v2 of this drawing > :thumb557507157: because I felt like uniting my two obessions together once more 8D)
Yeah Kirby decided to steal one of Hitei's roses because why not, and Emony tries to stay normal though this random situation he's put in-- well that's nothing compared with APCP but STILL

I'm TRYING to draw decent hands and I'm slowing improving so I'm glad-
That background is kinda experimental but I like it, it reminds me of Katanagatari op 2 which is somehow fitting

Yeah I had troubles with that pattern on Emonzaemon's clothes because I don't really get what kind of flower that's supposed to be so I have not so many references to base myself on X'D, but it looks cool enough I guess. And yeah I took a liking in making the kanji float X'D I GOT BETTER AT WRITING KANJI BTW (learning the stroke order helps that X'D)

(I don't own either Emonzaemon or Kirby they belong to their original creators, no matter how weird and random that crossover is----)

'Hope you enjoy it anyway ^^


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